Well done, boys!

Three men from Germany decided it was a brilliant idea to create a ground-breaking product for menstruation.

Oh yes, you read that correctly.

Men and menstruation aren’t exactly two words you expect to encounter in a sentence (unless we are talking about trans men), but here we are. These brave fellas decided to disrupt the market they probably know close to zero about.

The German startup has created a product called Pinky — a bright pink disposable glove you’re encouraged to wear while removing a tampon or pad, which then forms its own bag. …

The war on imperfections must end

A candid photo of Khloé Kardashian in a bikini started circulating the internet a few days ago.

And it sparked a lot of drama.

According to the chief marketing officer for KKW brands, it was mistakenly posted to social media by an assistant.

The picture in question is visibly different from the typical photos appearing on the Kardashian clan social media feeds. Most of them are carefully posed, lit, styled and curated pictures with heavy use of filters.

But not this one. It doesn’t include the typical image manipulation we’ve come to expect, and it shows a different side of…

Britney breaks silence for the first time since 2008

This week in Los Angeles, Britney Spears has opened up about the last thirteen years of her life in an emotional court appearance and has officially requested the end of her conservatorship.

‘I just want my life back,’ she said.

It was the first time since 2008 the pop star spoke publicly about the details of the controversial arrangement that gave her father, Jamie Spears, legal control of her life and finances.

It’s horrifying and heartbreaking to know how much manipulation, abuse, and trauma she had to suffer under the disguise of being ‘protected’ by a family member.

It’s about…

These are desperate times for the lingerie giant

For several years now, Victoria’s Secret has struggled to stay relevant. And to be honest, no one should find that surprising.

The brand’s hyper-sexualized, ultra-glamorous imagery featuring only thin supermodels is not something female consumers want to see. Not anymore, at least. And the Jeffrey Epstein scandal didn’t exactly help its image either.

In a bid to regain lost popularity, Victoria’s Secret has recently announced a drastic rebranding, and it has pledged to become ‘the world’s leading advocate for women.’

Even though it does seem like a big step and certainly a step in the right direction, I can’t help…

No, you really don’t

Many women insist they only wear makeup for themselves.

‘Because it’s fun.’

‘It’s a form of self-expression or even art.’

‘It makes me feel good and confident.’

While all of the above are valid reasons for wearing it, we often don’t realize why exactly it makes us feel good.

Lately, the cultural conversation surrounding makeup is all about how wearing it is a form of female ‘empowerment’ because it helps us feel fierce and independent and in control of our appearance.

And that, in theory, should have nothing to do with other people, in particular — men. …

Dissecting cinema’s shallow female characters

I hate starting a new movie, only to discover that its main female character is another one-dimensional, cardboard cutout shaped like a woman.

You know what kind I mean.

The kind that barely has any backstory or lines and is hypersexualized throughout most of the movie. You can tell from a mile away that she was either written by a man or for the pleasure of a male audience only.

In recent years there’s indeed been an influx of movies featuring complex, multifaceted female characters — like Nomadland with Frances McDormand that won this year’s Oscar for Best Picture.


Internet porn is a modern-day pandora box

This week, dozens of women sued Pornhub and its parent company, MindGeek, alleging that the site knowingly profited from videos depicting rape, child sexual exploitation, trafficking, and other non-consensual sexual content.

One of the largest porn companies in the world (if not the largest, although MindGeek has denied it) has little scrutiny or accountability? This really should not come as a surprise to anyone.

Our world is often oblivious to child and women’s sexual abuse, even when it’s happening right before our eyes. Ahem, Jeffrey Epstein?

But it’s about time we stand up to corporations and individuals that systematically exploit…

Even when it’s more than justifiable

‘Who will listen to your feminist arguments when you’re so angry, so unpolite, so bitter? You should keep your tone down.’

Oh, apologies.

I will take back what I said, wrap it up in cute paper, attach a pink ribbon, and sprinkle some colourful glitter on top. Would you like a glass of wine and a piece of cheesecake to go with it as well?

No? Great.

While I was busy making whatever point I was trying to get across as more ‘male audience friendly’, another woman got sexually assaulted, another woman died from unsafe abortion, and another underage girl…

How filters are distorting the way we see ourselves

When augmented-reality filters first made their appearance on social media, they were actually fun. With just one click, you could puke a rainbow, have bunny ears, wear a pizza crown, or find out which Disney villain you are.

But today, more and more people — especially teenage girls — are using filters or apps that ‘beautify’ their appearance, in some cases to create an almost unrecognisable version of themselves.

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and I tried one of the beauty apps on myself. …

A practical guide to identify how insecure you really are

Our society has socialised men to think they’re on steroids — from the day they are born, they are drilled to believe that men are better, stronger, and smarter than women.

Spoiler alert: they really aren’t. And eventually, most men build up this balloon called ‘the male ego,’ which is easy to burst even with the tiniest prick of a needle.

The following list will help you understand if your ego should come with a warning label as well:

1. You’d rather eat glass than enjoy a fruity drink

The mere thought of a fruity drink with a tiny umbrella in it is enough to make you want to throw…

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